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    LOLA de TRIANA Apartments | Calle Alfarería, 69 · 41010 · Triana· SEVILLA | +34 601 068 030
    LOLA de TRIANA Apartments, calle Alfarería, 69 (Triana)


    LOLA de TRIANA Apartments

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    Mercado de Triana



    05, 06, 43 y C2 Lines

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    954 580 000 · 954 571 111


    LOLA de TRIANA Apartments is located in a building with regionalist architecture, one of Seville’s greatest contributions to 20th-century Spanish and world culture and one of our city’s most identifying traits.

    It is located in the heart of Triana, right on Calle Alfarería. Triana’s greatest artisan tradition lives on in the numerous pottery workshops found in the surrounding area. Due to the importance of pottery in this neighbourhood, the Seville town council have dedicated a monument on Calle Callao to the ceramists and potters. There are several noteworthy buildings found along the streets of Alfarería, Callao and Antillano Campos.

    Our building comprises 15 suites (4 apartments, 3 lofts, 6 studios and 2 duplexes) distributed over three levels, comfortably reached by lift.


    It is said that if you have not seen Seville from Triana, you do not know Seville…

    Triana shines alongside her river, the Guadalquivir, Spain’s only navigable river and a true connection between Seville and the world. A river that reflects Seville and its Triana neighbourhood, seeming to caress her between the waves. A neighbourhood that stands tall from the riverside, a neighbourhood of seafarers who have forever bound Europe and America and who witnessed the return of Juan Sebastián Elcano from the first voyage around the world.

    Triana is a neighbourhood of tradition and legacy, of history, culture, flamenco, artists and bullfighters.

    Triana stands out in Seville for being an authentic neighbourhood; for its temples, churches, chapels, plazas and streets that reflect its hard-working, creative, passionate people who are proud to live in, and in the spirit of, Triana. Life in Triana is yet another of Seville’s emotions.

    Her religious images stand out in Seville’s Holy Week, and the joy and passion of her people are unique. This is why staying in Triana means something more. You cannot understand Triana without Seville, nor Seville without her neighbourhood.

    Triana is the imagery of La Esperanza, La Estrella, El Cachorro, La Salud, La O… It is the passion and adoration of the iconic images that parade through Seville during Holy Week, awakening the devotion and admiration of Sevillanos and visitors alike.

    You’ll fall in love with strolling along her streets. Streets that are renowned throughout the world, scent of orange blossoms wafting through the air. Calle Betis, Calle Castilla, the Plaza del Altozano and Calle Alfarería, where our stately construction of regionalist craftsmanship is nestled: LOLA de TRIANA Apartments. The street’s very name, Alfarería, which means Pottery, is a testament to the skill and renown of Triana ceramics, of the “potters, ceramists, industrialists and vendors who elevated our city to become the cradle of ceramics”.

    A neighbourhood connected with the best of Seville

    Connected to the old town by way of its famous and renowned Triana Bridge, the oldest iron bridge remaining in Spain, (officially known as the Isabel II Bridge, finished in 1852). Bridging Triana to the Arenal neighbourhood, where we find the Real Maestranza bullring and its theatre, exceptional for its technical characteristics, the quality and variety of its programming.

    A sprawling promenade that leads us to the centre, the Tower of Gold, the Cristina Gardens, the María Luisa Park and all of the buildings and pavilions of the Ibero-American Exposition of 1929, where we find the Plaza de España and the Plaza de América.

    The most beautiful and famous spots in Seville are just steps away. The Plaza Nueva and Plaza de San Francisco seem to guard the city hall, a building whose architecture melds plateresque and neo-classical styles. Along the Avenida de la Constitución, several monuments are found, including the world’s largest Gothic cathedral (third largest overall) with its bell tower known as the Giralda, a “Church so grand that those who see it finished will think we are mad!” Further along we can find the Archive of the Indies (also known as Casa de Contratación) and the Royal Palace (Real Alcázar) of Seville. Infinite places to discover and observe in a city with centuries of history, just steps from Triana.

    To the right of Triana is the neighbourhood of Los Remedios with its Carriage Museum built over a small hermitage where, as early as 1526, sailors would salute the Virgin of Los Remedios from the river. Los Remedios is also home to the fairgrounds that every spring host the world-famous Feria de Abril.

    To the left of Triana is the Cartuja Island, Seville’s most modern gem, though not devoid of history, deriving its name from the Carthusian monastery of Santa María de las Cuevas located at its southern end, which presently houses the Andalusian Centre of Contemporary Art (CAAC). Standing out on the site of the 1992 Universal Expo are the Pavilion of Navigation and Pavilion of the Future, the technology park, the Isla Mágica theme park and water park and the Specialised Centre for High Performance in Rowing and Canoeing, not to mention the city’s tallest building and “centre of the new Andalusia”, Torre Sevilla.

    For all of these reasons and so many more, Triana is a true gem in and of itself. Triana is unique in Seville.

    An ideal enclave

    LOLA de TRIANA Apartments is an enviable place to stay and rest in Seville. On a quiet street, typical for its height, bright white colour and its brick facades. In Triana you have so much to see and visit. A street that has, over time, inherited the flavour of the traditional Seville, steeped in the essence of Andalusia.

    Gastronomy / Tapas in Triana / Out and about

    Strolling through Triana is its own reward. Apart from enjoying the lovely views of the city, on every street and corner you can discover a pub, restaurant, wine tavern or little shops known as abacerías specialising in traditional foodstuffs. Very nearby, you have the famous marketplace, the Mercado de Triana, where you can sample some tapas, drink and eat with a smile, or if you prefer, you can try out the gastronomic offering of the nearby streets of San Jacinto, Castilla or the Plaza del Altozano. A quick or leisurely stop for one and all, a culture of being out and about, enjoying your friends and typical Andalusian products. A gastronomy that has it all, recognised the world over for the quality of its unrivalled meats, fish, shellfish and fresh fruits and vegetables. The proximity of the mountains, the countryside and the sea make Triana and Seville the ideal places to relish Andalusian products: Spanish ham, olive oil, wine, cheese, fruits and vegetables, and traditional sweets. A city that you will want to devour!

    We recommend you visit the Bar-Restaurant Conservatorio Triana

    Leisure / Cultural offering

    Seville is a city that is open to theatre, culture and art.
    Seville is a world centre of culture and art. A rich heritage on every corner, in every museum, church and building. Home to Spain’s second largest art collection, the Museo de Bellas Artes, housing works of Murillo, Zurbarán and Valdés Leal. It is also a beacon of modernity with its flamenco, music, concerts, opera, and permanent and temporary exhibits. Seville is a city that breathes culture, and you won’t want to miss it.

    LOLA de TRIANA Apartments

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