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184 Main Street Victoria 8007


    LOLA de TRIANA Apartments | Calle Alfarería, 69 · 41010 · Triana· SEVILLA | +34 601 068 030
    LOLA de TRIANA Apartments


    Legacy, soul and paragon of the Andalusian woman

    LOLA DE TRIANA celebrates a quintessentially Andalusian woman: natural, humble and generous. She worked wonders with little to nothing, and her home was always open to anyone in need, even a perfect stranger. Her values are the philosophical pillar that sustains this project.


    The story begins in a lovely farmstead at the foot of the Torcal de Antequera in the province of Malaga, halfway to the Fuente Piedra lagoon. Seven of her children were born there and grew up happily. The eighth arrived two weeks after they emigrated to Valencia. They left the countryside with nothing and headed for the big city with hopes of achieving a better future.


    It was a very difficult time to start a new life from scratch. The ingenious Lola, however, always managed to find a way to keep the household afloat, and her children rallied around her to help in any way they could. All they wanted was to be happy; they needed and wanted no more than to be together. And they achieved it.


    They all made their own way in life, though never forgetting the teachings of their mother. The logo of the complex represents that family unity, order in family life and that ultimate aim to integrate the outsider into the community, so that, far from home and in an unknown place, they feel at home.

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